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Uminosachi 【Amakusa】   Products of the sea-Delicious food gathered from the sea

Uminosachi of Kumamoto is Amakusa.
People comes from outside the prefecture as well as within the prefecture here because of many delicious seafood.
We procure fresh fish caught on the day and close to the sea.
Also we provide seasonal with local vegetables.


Nagomiyado  A healing space different from everyday.
Courtyard has nature you can see sunshine between the trees and you can relax.
North building has reception, eating place and there are 4 rooms. south building has 6 rooms and 2 private bath.

Guest Room North

North building has 4 rooms.
3  Japanese-Western style room 1 Japanese style room include bath room.
Ground floor has reception, restaurant (only table), eating place(Tatami room)

Guest Room South

South building has 3 different rooms.
Welcome active traveler you can go outside easy.
These rooms has only toilet you need to use private both.





 twin        (nogiku)

double   (hanamizuki)

・The price includes tax.

・Menu changes by season.

・If you have any allergies or foods you can’t eat, please let us know when you book here.

・We can make kids lunch. let me us when you book here.

・If you cancel on the day of use, there is 80% cancellation charge. The day before 50%  2~4 days before 30%

・We have original plan for weekdays.

Amakusa sightseeing


Street address


11-19 Minatomachi,

Amakusa-shi, Kumamoto-ken 863-0021



How to arrive in Amakusa city? you can choose how to come.
If you have a car
Take national route 3 from Kumamoto city then go towards Uto city next take route 57. When you reach the Misumi,take route 324.
About 90 km from Kumamoto city. 2 hours from Kumamoto city.
If you use the highway , you need to get off Mifune Inter or Matsubase Inter.
1 hour and half from Matsubase Inter.

If you ride ferry
Take Shimatetu Ferry from Kuchinotsu port in Nagasaki,Shimabara around 30 minute reach Oniike port. An additional 20 minute drive.
Take Sanwa ferry from Kuranomoto port in Kagoshimanagashima around 30 minute reach Ushibuka port. An additional 1 hour drive.
Take Tenchou ferry direct ticket from Shoura port in Kagoshimanagasima around 35 minute, 55 minute Tanaka port via Katagawa port. An additional 20 minute drive.


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